The xenophobes vs. the SJW’s. Let the battle commence!

From Freethought, a sense of surprised outrage at just what the United States is capable of pulling off.

I had ridiculed Donald Trump’s call to deport all undocumented immigrants as well as their children born in the US who are, of course, US citizens. I felt that not only was it unfeasible in practice to round up and deport 11 million people, it was unthinkable and illegal in the case of the children. So I was shocked to learn on NPR today that such a mass deportation had in fact occurred in the past during the time of the Great Depression when the pressure for jobs resulted in Mexican-Americans and their US-born children being sent away.

This is old news for most Mexican-Americans (the ones who haven’t descended into BRA-enabled ghetto ignorance).

Most of us were affected. In fact, I’m in the odd position of trying to determine whether I’m a 2nd or 3rd generation Mexican. My great-grandparents were born here, “moved” back to Mexico during the Depression, and their children (my grandparents) resettled here. WTF.

I think I’m more annoyed by the Lefties/SJW’s who pretend to be well-versed in historical travesty than by the xenophobes since the xenophobes have never tried to pretend to be anything they’re not…with the exception of one noteworthy Presidential candidate who shoots blank orgasmic Conservatism over the understimulated populace.