Will there be a coup in the United States in 2015 or 2016? Impression 1.


Just wondering. Yo.


The unholiest of inductions I can squeeze out of what’s going on. The “chatter,” so to speak.


There are many patterns and presupposed obviation dwelling in the American air, presently.


I posted this a month ago. A cautionary harbinger of shit. My intuition is on high alert. Apocalyptic gloom is a blogger’s best friend, but lately, it has become my companion.


I wonder if these words fall on deaf ears? I hope so, but I hope not. Hmm.


I shall bury my tepid warning between incontrovertible neutrality. Threatening blandness.


That’s how the end of society will hammer and destroy. It will sneak upon us amid the squalor of our own unhappiness and disappointment.


Our great republic of modern antiquity seems untouchable; but has the illusion immured us to tragedy?
Anything can happen.


Human nature is such that…it will.


More blood is on the way.