Wannabe BLM instigator arrested in Maryland: judge a troublemaker by his audience.

From the Gateway Pundit:

La Plata, Maryland police issued a statement Wednesday night announcing a twenty-year old Black man was arrested for making a threat on Twitter earlier in the day to kill all the white people in the small southern Maryland town. The threatening tweet concluded with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

gwp hollins

gwp hollins statement

“UPDATE: The La Plata Police Department identified the individual who tweeted the threat against La Plata residents. An arrest warrant has been obtained for Threats of Mass Violence. An arrest warrant was issued for:

“HOLLINS, Carlos Anthony, B/M/6-02/140/Black Hair/Brown Eyes/D.O.B. 2/2/1995 of Waldorf, Maryland.

“At 2047 hours, Mr. Hollins was taken into custody without incident by the Charles County Sheriff’s Office in Waldorf.

“On September 2, 2015 at approximately 4:43 p.m. the La Plata Police Department was alerted to a threat of violence against La Plata residents that was made on social media. The agency is working with allied law enforcement agencies to establish the credibility of the threat and the identity of the individual. The tweet read: IM NOT GONNA STAND FOR THIS NO. MORE. TONIGHT WE PURGE! KILL ALL THE WHITE PPL IN THE TOWN OF LA PLATA”

See, the issue is not whether or not Carlos Hollins would have followed through with his threats. That’s not the point at all.

The point is that he is speaking to many, many, impressionable, feeble-minded people and this sort of inflammatory, emotionally-unchecked expression burrows its way into such mentalities and eventually, spawns the actions that one man “quipped” in anger days or weeks before.

Wry satire, irony and overstatement are fine when the audience is discerning, intelligent, and capable of nuanced comprehension. Certain hashtag sectors of society, by nature, refute such mentality, and owing to such imbecility are quite pliable when it comes to being roused to violence and impulsive behavior.