Smaller Asian guy for the KO!

From the department of “it’s not old news if you’ve never heard about it.”

Los Angeles police are just now publicizing a road rage fight that happened here in Koreatown on May 26. The suspect, described as an Asian male in his 30’s and about 5’8″, picked the bigger guy up and slammed him into the ground, knocking the “victim” unconscious and proceeded pummeling him. The victim suffered a skull fracture and other expected injuries, but he will survive.

Frankly, I love seeing when smaller guys kick bigger ass and apparently, the bigger road rage participant in this case was asking for a fight, and he paid with a little humiliating whoop ass.

The LAPD needs to not spend time on this. It’s simple street justice and the law and assorted opportunistic lawyers don’t need to be involved. This incident does not need to be clouded up with greedy meddling.