More male jumpsuits in the news! (and on Social Extinction…)

I think I’m a little mortified, but mostly, amused.

I run a respectable blog. Someone never said.

And respectable blogs are hard-pressed to legitimately cite any serious references to male jumpsuits. Such a travesty cannot be tolerated. “Respectable” and “male jumpsuits” can not be allowed to cohabit under the same blog roof. But alas, I did just this when I posted something called “The senior jumpsuiter” a little over 3 years ago. And, in so doing, I disqualified myself from any measure of respectability I might have ever entertained. In the time this blog has lived, I’ve eschewed respectability in many odious doses.

Writing about old men in jumpsuits in train stations does not exactly meet the standards of lofty thought, but fuck it.

I write about jumpsuits, and when I wrote about them in 2012, I was approaching from the position of mockery and smugness which was further emboldened by my unquestioned assurance that jumpsuits were a scourge which would never plague human civilization again.

Well. Time for another jumpsuit post.

Once I’m down, I’m going all the way down, baby. Screw this respectability illusion.

Respectability is extinct. A vestigial cultural artifact. It is gone, and there is none in today’s culture because it looks like the media is pushing for male jumpsuits to make their long-awaited return engagement!

A fashion trend that jumped from the runway to Instagram popularity may be emerging into the real world: jumpsuits for men.

That’s right. The one-piece is no longer just for mechanics, bee keepers or race car drivers. The 70s-inspired couture that’s now popular among women is also being revived for men.

Andy Cohen, the host of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live,” has professed his love for the one-piece, and Jonathan Skow, designer of Mr. Turk, a line of men’s clothing, says the jumpsuit is one of his best sellers.

Can one call himself "Black" while wearing a jumpsuit?  Things that make me go hmmmm.....
Can one call himself “Black” while wearing a jumpsuit? Things that make me go hmmmm…..