Peggy Hubbard’s rant and its destruction of the Cult of Hashtaggery.

Here is the epic Facebook rant from a Black woman named Peggy Hubbard.

Sometimes we live for breaths of fresh air like this. I sure do.

With clarity of vision, there is no racism or police brutality: only pragmatism. The greatest failing of the culture of hashtag activism is that everything is reduced to self-serving language of principle which is perhaps the most harmful and destructive. Principle and Survival are frequently at odds in dystopias such as our American cesspool in 2015.

Principles are for fools and dead Black people.

Hubbard’s sentiments, hardly a rarity among Black Americans, need to be drilled into the thick skulls of the MSM which is the fondest of turning a blind eye to pragmatism more than any other group.