Wei Han Xu, the “McDonald’s Goddess,” make me so McHorny!


How can you not love this big ol’ slimy collective mental dungeon called the internetz? How can you not, I want to know!?


How else would we have found out about Wei Han Xu, the “McDonald’s goddess,” a cute Taiwanese girl working at a golden arches somewhere in Taiwan?


mcdonalds little


She is all the talk of Ronald McDonaldville. The McDonald’s restaurant in Taiwan, known for its amusing toleration, even encouragement, of hot little Chinese employees dressed in cartoonish, sexy garb. This is the perfect home for Xu, with her large eyes and shapely McThighs.


mcdonalds skirt


I’m in!


Better than the unfriendly, rude ghetto mama’s that seem to work at most of the McDonald’s restaurants in my area. I don’t avoid McDonald’s for the food (well, a little), I avoid it because I have to be reminded that some food service workers really despise their jobs, and by extension, me.


Xu would turn me into a regular again.