#Lightcoloredblacklivesmatter meets #prettyboycriminals

A peculiar little crime spree has taken place here on the outskirts of the Los Angeles basin over the past 2 weeks.

It began when an unknown suspect kidnapped three men on July 28 who, upon returning to the cabin they owned in Twin Oaks, were confronted by the gunman who informed them they were trespassing. Upon pointing out that they in fact owned the cabin, the gunman resorted to pulling out a handgun while forcing them to enter their cabin while threatening to kill them. The victims later escaped on foot when the gunman stepped outside and they made their way to a local general store where they called the police.

A couple of days later, on Thursday, a retired 64-year-old dentist, David Louis Markiewitz, was killed by the gunman in his cabin about 10 miles from the scene of the kidnapping.

The following Saturday, two investigating SWAT deputies were shot and wounded by the mysterious gunmen as they entered a nearby property on a remote piece of land.

For two weeks, local residents were on heightened alert and slept with one open due to warnings that the gunman was most likely loose in the area. For two weeks, his identity remained a mystery. The only description was that he was “white with blue eyes, 30 to 35 years old, and wearing glasses and a brown corduroy cap. He has long, brown hair and was ‘dirty in appearance,'”

The mystery was finally solved today as the gunman, who is still on the loose, was identified. The police have announced they are looking for Benjamin Peter Ashley, 34. He has a long rap sheet that includes previous arrests in Southern California. And, it turns out, he is not White, but a lighter shade of Black.

Ashley has been described a light-skinned black man who is 34 years old with dark hair and hazel eyes.

Apparently the news media does not mind identifying a Black suspect’s race when he looks like Clark Gable. Or when he looks less black than Rachel Dolezal.