Will Trump Wall South be gold-plated on one side?


What will the Trump Wall look like? All this talk about a wall to be constructed along the American/Mexican border, and the clamor to build such a monstrosity, detracts from the obvious issue at hand.


The Trump Wall. The nitty gritty. What will it look like?


Will it look like this


trump wall


or this?


berlin wall


I’m guessing somewhere in the middle. I can’t believe the final incarnation of Trump’s Wall will not be tainted by the gaudy ownership mark of Donald Trump (despite the fact the Mexicans are paying for it) in one way or the other.


Speaking as a Mexican-American, I completely agree that illegal immigration must be stopped. In today’s globalist one-world economy (one which apparently grows more globalist with each ensuing corporatist trade agreement), immigration to the United States no longer represents the international scofflaw rebuke it might have when the United States’ economy was more hermetically sealed; when the planet’s nations still existed as their own sovereign entities and currency was a unique identifier to each nation’s economic identity.


In our era of malignant globalism, we can’t import more workforce members because in the new paradigm, they are now competing directly with American citizens. The new globalism has eradicated the traditional middle class dynamic in America. The standard of living in this country has become tenuous and subject to vagaries of the vast chasm between rich and poor. We cannot handle any more poor.


But speaking as an American, I find the prospect of a border wall to be barbaric and ignorantly myopic. Americans rally around Trump’s Wall without realizing its implications.


A wall can keep people out, and this effect triggers the reactive exhiliration Americans experience each time Trump barks out his Wall’s promise of “sealing off the border.”


The Wall supporters lose sight of something: walls can be used to repel, but they can also be used to contain.


First, Trump Wall South, under the guise of preventing entrance of illegal immigrants. What might follow once the concept of a national border wall has found complacent accceptance in our collective psyche? Maybe Trump Wall North, perhaps under the guise of preventing entrance of murderous Muslims. The slippery slope never ends. One day, perhaps, we may find we are surrounded by walls, trapped behind them with our oligarchical headmasters in Washington D.C. who found it easier to physically repel peasant immigrants than to effect real change and transformation within our borders which would perform the same function, albeit with less bigoted symbolism than Trump’s Wall.


But we’ve become a lazy nation.