Donald Trump, I don’t care what you think about PP; what really matters is what you think of TPP and TTIP.

At the end of the day, Mr. Trump, I fear you are full of hot air. That you’re merely a cosmetic, opportunistic right-wing populist whose conservative roots extend as far as the profit you can conceivably derive from said ostentation.

Show us what you are really about. Tell us what you think of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and its sister one-world global-fascist shell game, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

I would love to hear what you think of these proposed sister trade agreements since this might finally compel the MSM to actually cover them instead of sweeping them under the corporate media conglomerate rug of self-interest.

Speak about them as vocally, and be as bellicose, as you have about illegal immigration and shutting the government down for the sake of appeasing the Dogmatic Right.

You have previously had harsh words for the looming trade agreements.

About TPP:

Trump believes the deal would hurt U.S. businesses, particularly manufacturers, and put people out of work.
Trump’s line of thinking goes like this: U.S. firms would be hurt if the free trade deal makes foreign products cheaper for Americans to buy.

This a start, but with your full head and hair of steam, you need to hammer away at this issue to get the American people talking about it, or miraculously, thinking about it, because the MSM is negligent in their coverage of TPP and TPIP. They have become part of the globalist, anti-American infrastructure.

Quit being a moralist. You wear that like a dog wears a sweater.