OP is a phaggot; a new breach in Social Extinction’s sincerity and humility.

Dat’s right!

How can I not?

Realizing, of course, that most of what I post is lame and utterly gay. Hey, I try, damnit. This blogging schtick is tough. I might say it’s hard work, but even I have limits. Still, blogging is not easy; at least, maintaining a blog isn’t. And definitely trying to write consistently when the fancy strikes. I’m pretty prolific of late, but I’ve gone through dry periods where I simply didn’t write much in the past.

A few years ago, in a fit of self-delusion, I devoted all my free creative time into finishing up a short story, and during that period of time, I didn’t post once on this blog. I made a big deal of it. I wrote a post detailing my temporary authorial sojourn and “warned” that this blog would go silent for a while. I listened as the world sighed in disappointment before realizing it was the tea kettle.

Anyways, I realize much of what I write is of a very questionable, probably dubious, nature, and there is little recourse for the poor reader. I’m sure there have been many page viewers that exited this blog quickly thinking exactly what this video points out.

In the spirit of honesty and sincerity, I will place this video and Youtube URL in the sidebar for the free and abusive use by all readers who might feel inclined, upon enduring one of my more pointless posts, to post this in the comments as a “hint” that I really jupmed the shark.

Go at it, phaggots!