I think Sandra Bland killed herself but she never should have been behind bars.

This does not exonerate the behavior of the Waller County Sheriff, Brian Encinia, who pulled Bland over, however.

By the same token, it does not excuse Bland’s chip-on-my-shoulder behavior which seemed antsy to engage the Bad White Cop in any kind of social altercation possible. The problem with a lot of these civil right activists is that they are always on the lookout to make, or be the center of, some grand statement. They are basically attention whores with a cause.

Perhaps the narrative spelling out her death can be a hybrid of truths.

Nothing is ever simply black or white.

Sandra Bland’s traffic stop was bullshit. But haven’t most of us been on the receiving end of such ridiculous police idiocy and not resorted to such juvenile tantrums as she? I’ve been stopped twice for absolutely ludicrous reasons that I frankly didn’t have the time or energy to “fight” in court. One involved a traffic ticket for a “California stop” which clearly was not. The California Highway Patrol officer was in no position to witness the full nature or length of my stop. This was over 20 years ago and dash cams were not a thing then. The second stop did not result in a ticket but I had clearly broken no laws. The Pasadena cop was obviously shaking me down and asking pointless questions to gauge my reactions and behavior. I think he was perhaps out of sorts when he realized I spoke clear English and that my passenger was White as hell.

Bland started fluffing her Wronged Sista attitude and that can only end badly if the cop engaging you is having a bad day or a bad life. That part of this tragic debacle is on Bland.

Woman who died in Texas jail disclosed past suicide attempt, police say

I think the stop was bullshit and she should never have been in jail; I think she did, in fact, take her own life. I don’t see why the police, following what was a turbulent traffic stop with such emotional racial trigger micro-events, would brazenly kill her. For what? Because she was acting like an entitled victim?