“Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” – a gentler kind of tyranny for the modern age.

Ultimately, where you live is a curt Darwinian manifestation of your mental and social fitness.

Real estate is one of the last vestiges of unforgiving utilitarian excellence or mediocrity. The 2008 financial implosion showed us this in catastrophic shock-waves of blind, over-extended consumption. It placed too much responsibility in the hands of those ill-suited to be responsible.

Well now, the Federal government is aiming, incrementally, to circumvent such Darwinian impetus in the realm of housing and demographic settlement. They tried giving away cheap loans to unfit buyers and all hell broke loose, so now, plan B: behind the strong arm of the law, we’ll judiciously move the riff-raff into neighborhoods where it doesn’t belong for the sake of “equal opportunity” which is a misnomer in that there is not opportunity, there is only misplaced charity.

This governmental anti-Darwinian meddling is truly the tyranny of our times.