Showtime’s “Happyish” – will it fall victim to the Apple Gods?


This show sneaked up on me.


And by “sneaked” up, I’m not implying there was a point ever that I didn’t like the show; what I’m saying is that its bleak fatalistic anti-consumerism didn’t strike me fully until later in its first season.


That was the bend where I nodded my head and uttered, “Wow, I really like this show.”


I don’t think Happyish did so hot in terms of ratings or reviews, or even word of mouth, for its sardonic anti-buy philosophy alienates about 95% of the television viewers, especially cable-television viewers.


This is a television series whose cynical, middle-aged essence excludes any laudatory beaming from that portion of the population it presupposes to mock and denounce within the parameters of its scripts. Happyish is a victim of its own meta problem: we are offending the substantive building blocks of your modernist lies (as unspoken to the target Showtime demographic).


For instance this scene happened in episode 7, and shall not cultivate much fanfare within the humorless playing field that is known as Apple Fanboy Park.





In fact, everything about the show is very metacritical, from its self-deprecatory Mad Men allusions (Happyish takes place in a Canadian ad agency) to its horribly caustic Keebler advertising campaign, self-deprecatory animations and all.


Will Happyish return for a Season 2?


Who knows. I’d love it to, and Showtime’s rather forgiving history indicates it might, but passion for the show has been lukewarm, at best. It is a “show after my own blog heart,” which is nothing to brag about in the quest for popular success, but oh well.


And…can you talk shit about the Apple Gods and continue living in the commercial realm?


I suspect Happyish’s own fate will prove to be very meta.