Who will save or kill Francisco Sanchez? Follow the blood…

Francisco Sanchez has a target on his head.

He is America’s whipping immigrant of choice, probably one of the most reviled men in America right now. He is accused of killing a pretty young white woman, Kathryn Steinle, in San Francisco on July 3.

I suspect Francisco Sanchez is not long for this world.

Too many groups of people want him dead. He has slowly nudged himself out of this Earthly existence. Not only did he allegedly commit the most senseless murder, he did it as an illegal alien, and he did it in the wake of the uproar that followed Donald Trump’s comments on June 16 in which he accused Mexican immigrants of consisting largely of rapists and criminals. It was as if Francisco Sanchez and his discovered gun were served up on a platter.

The timing couldn’t have been worse. What was Francisco Sanchez thinking? Mysterious and dubious circumstances aside, he now stands accused of pulling the trigger of a personal firearm stolen from the car of a BLM Federal officer, and killing Steinle.

No one knows who stole it, or who abandoned it wrapped in a t-shirt on the Eastern side of SF’s shores. And the wrath of America is showering down on him.

He granted (and apparently requested) a jailhouse interview with Cornell Barnard from the local ABC news affiliate in San Francisco.

The interview is a mesmerizing and confusing three-way ping pong match between Barnard, Sanchez and the occasional interloping translator.

Sanchez is entirely out of his element and his charmless ethnic mannerisms make for cringe-worthy news footage.

I won’t attempt to translate the last portion of the interview but basically, Sanchez fears his ultimate jailhouse demise. He implies there have been threats.

Interestingly, this specific translation was cut from the interview. In fact, at the very point where the translator was about to recite Sanchez’ doomed plea, there was a clumsy edit that skipped abruptly forward (or backward) onto Barnard’s questioning about Sanchez’ travels in the United States. I understand rudimentary Spanish, so I can put it together, but I don’t expect most Americans understand what Sanchez alluded to about being killed in prison as retribution, but trust me, he appears very mindful of that possibility.

At the very end of the video, Barnard thanks Sanchez for speaking with him, and quickly, Sanchez continues his conversation with the translator. It plays out like a plea and reminder that someone is out to kill him.

Now who will protect and/or dispose of Sanchez?

The Aryan Brotherhood is the obvious choice.

The Mexican Mafia, maybe? Why, though.

Why would the Mexican Mafia go out of its way to interject any role in Sanchez’ fate? In fact, the Aryan Brotherhood and the Mexican Mafia are renowned for their prison “teamwork.” Sanchez’ fate depends entirely on the conciliation of these two prison gangs.

We know why they would put him down.

But why would they not?

I have many theories about this incident, but I will say one thing: follow Francisco Sanchez’ blood for the answers.