The global Human Resources department: laying out a behavioral blueprint for the new citizen of the 21st Century.

You thought Human Resources at work was intolerable overly deconstructive female tripe?

Well consider a Human Resources department for all of humanity and civilization. That’s right. Your HR department on a vastly collective global level. Imagine the kernels of a vast groupthink network bolstered by the suffocating fixations of Social Justice Warriors and interlaced with the agonizing devouring frenzy of a multi-layered, oppressive tower consisting of levels of embedded pristine semantics and clinical descriptors that eschew humanity in favor of the robotic.

Crap like the Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence, in all its quasi-cult glory, is coming and it will provoke and garner a new critical mindset of the new era of humanity of the sort that The Giver presciently warned of.

You are not human, you are a…model. Your behavior is your possibility space.

On the site there exists a long thesis by an idea birther from ISCE named Michael R. Lissack.

Entitled “Representations and Compressions,” the paper begins with an abstract that articulates (rather esoterically) the essential molecular thematic building blocks of the new mentality of our age as witnessed and experienced today disguised as that unmistakable pall of standardized behavior and thinking while seeking to enervate such a new culture by repressing human nature and redefining situational instincts in our micro-response to recurring life situations.

Basically, the groundwork for that particularly female sense of solipsism that has incubated across society and thus now shapes all dialog and perception aross social media and pop culture.

The elemental atoms of our newer, kinder age of understanding and acceptance, brought to you by the ISCE!

Lissack’s paper begins with the abstract:

Change results from cause, and cause is the subject of explanation. Two types of explanatory models are often evoked as the context underlying change. Models based on labels and categories we shall refer to as “representations.” More complex models involving stories, multiple algorithms, rules of thumb, questions, ambiguity we shall refer to as “compressions.” Both compressions and representations are reductions. But representations are far more reductive than compressions. Representations can be treated as a set of defined meanings – coherence with regard to a representation is the degree of fidelity between the item in question and the definition of the representation, of the label. By contrast, compressions contain enough degrees of freedom and ambiguity to allow us to make internal predictions so that we may determine our potential actions in the possibility space. Compressions are explanatory via mechanism. Representations are explanatory via category. Managers are often confusing their evocation of a representation (category inclusion) as the creation of a context of compression (description of mechanism). In the drive for efficiency such substitutions are all too oftenproclaimed – at the manager’s peril.

See what he did there?

He blueprinted the dichotomy between the cognition of antiquity, that of “representation” as he calls it, that masculine style of mental assembly, and the oblique, absurdly subjective state of today’s newfangled cognition, that of “compression” as denoted by that netherworld of fact and fiction that relies solely on our “internal predictions.”

He has laid out the foundation of the global HR department’s new handbook that “mankind” will thus be held to adherence in the ensuing generations. This compression style of thinking and reasoning cascades easily into the female mind; the male mind fights it.

In our new world, the male must adapt and evolve or risk mutating into a farcical creature bearing no resemblance to his archaic physiology. Surgery is next.

It might not necessarily be ISCE that leads the way, but this is nevertheless a harbinger of bad tidings. There will many more ISCE’s to spring up and proselytize the new “compression” manner of beholding the world.

Wake up and pay attention and fight the dying of our soul’s light; or sublimate and become an undifferentiated mound of communal mush that will run the world from this day forward.