Billionaire South (El Chapo) versus Billionaire North (The Hair).

I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers are quick to toot their own horn and play up that “See, I predicted this would happen!” routine anytime something remotely resembling the situation they vaguely presupposed once upon a time becomes “reality.” It’s human nature, I suppose, and bloggers appear to embody that exaggerated trait of I-Knew-It-A-ha more than the average person.

Sometimes I find myself sinking into that hole as well, but I’ve graciously recused myself from ever playing that Nostradamic role. Rather, I sit and stew in my own private reward system when something I pretended to forecast “happens” (even if the prediction was so vague or the incident so opaque as to render said prediction groundless). I have refrained from going there in my blog life.

Until tonight.

See, I was originally planning on tying the salacious prison escape of our favorite diminutive Mexican folk here, Joaquín Guzmán Loera (aka, “El Chapo”) into an unrelated post.


I was planning this as early as yesterday, but it wasn’t until this news broke today that I felt…justified in pursuing my conspiratorial train of thought even further.

Apparently a Twitter user by the name of ElChap0Guzman has issued a thinly-veiled threat against Donald Trump.

No one can confirm if this is in fact Guzmán’s Twitter account, but according to the Guardian, this real or imagined cartel leader messaged Trump the following message: “Keep screwing [with us] and I’m going to make you eat your fucking words you lousy white faggot.”

Genuine or not, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that there might be a war of words and philosophies brewing between the Billionaire from the North and the Billionaire from the South. And genuine or not, it prompted Trump’s forces to contact the FBI.

An aide to Donald Trump has claimed the FBI is investigating threatening tweets to the US Republican presidential hopeful that are purported to have originated from Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the notorious Mexican drug lord who escaped from prison on Saturday.

Trump, a real estate billionaire who has generated controversy by saying many illegal immigrants from Mexico are criminals and rapists, said in a statement on Sunday that “corrupt Mexican officials” had let Guzman escape.

The authenticity of the Twitter accounts from which the threats were allegedly made could not be verified, but one made out in the kingpin’s name, Joaquin Guzman Loera,
that on Sunday had celebrated his escape sent a message threatening Trump if he continued to speak out.

This was the gist of my post on July 7, the one which I will now cite as a foreshadowing of possible cartel involvement in all ensuing events following Donald Trump’s arguable “anti-Mexican” statements on June 16.

As I wrote, a bit nebulously in that post, El efecto de Trump:

I don’t believe this incident [the July 1 murder of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco] was precipitated by Americans. Many “organized crime groups” in Mexico are politicized, militarized and are very nationalistic. Trump’s words were a severe affront to many sensibilities south of the border, evidenced by the very rare backlash that attended what was really just a normal insult leveled against Mexicans. I also don’t believe these same Mexican “organized crime groups” will work overtime in order to avoid the glare of speculation; to do so would disguise the message they are intending to send to Donald Trump for his theatrical buffoonery.

Mexico has a long history of political folk heroes who defend Mexican nationalism and pride to the tragic and violent end.

As much as the drug cartels concern themselves ravenously with the pursuit of money, money, money, and power, Mexican cartels are about much more. They are frequently adulated and esteemed by Mexicans as the Robin Hood symbols of defenders of the common Mexican, the sincerest benevolent defenders of the downtrodden, while the Mexican politicians whom they are frequently battling represent the elitist subjugation of the poor peasants.

Whether this portrayal of cartels as such is justified or accurate is up for debate; but this is how they are perceived.

The full intention of my July 7 post was to plant the possibility (not certain by any stretch of the imagination – this was entirely theoretical) that Donald Trump’s words had the unusual effect of catching the ear of a Mexican populace that largely doesn’t concern itself with such offended hysterics. But not this time. Trump evoked an anger, he struck a chord that resonated through the collective national Mexican soul.

Enter Joaquín Guzmán Loera, tunnel left, a real case of deus (M)ex machina.

In that post, I compiled a brief timeline of the events which followed in Trump’s inflammatory wake:

June 16: Donald Trump, announcing his 2016 Presidential candidacy, implies that illegal immigrants from Mexico are rapists, among other unsavory traits.

June 16-17: Trump’s statement is splashed across the Spanish press. Mexican indignation is remarkable considering it takes quite a bit to elicit such collective anger and action from Mexicans over a common perceived offense.

June 19: The Donald Trump piñata hits the streets. Mexican anger spills over across all media and everyone and their hermano is now boycotting every event that has the faintest scent of Trump.

July 1: Francisco Sanchez allegedly guns down Kathryn Steinle with a gun he found outside of San Francisco’s Pier 14 and Ferry Building.

July 5: The murder of Carrie Jean Melvin in Hollywood. I only add this because of the striking similiarities her shooting had to Steinle’s in San Francisco 4 days previous.

July 11: Joaquín Guzmán Loera (El Chapo) escapes from his Mexican prison through a tunnel that has been theorized to have been under construction for over a year.

As “apocryphal” as the mysterious threatening Tweet from the alleged El Chapo might prove to be, I feel my observations and suspicions, outlined in my July 7 post, can’t be entirely discounted, and in fact, might be the precursor to further violent unraveling of this circus between Donald Trump and Mexico.