I’m a dotted-line kinda guy…revenge of the micro-tyrant.

And why I say this…

I was hired at my present job under direct report to “Dept A.”

But my initial interview involved parallel Officer for “Dept A+.”

No one else in my department was interviewed by a representative of A+.

A+ generally overlords my present department, but only indirectly.

I knew the A+ Officer from a previous employment bout, and he is one of those rare executive types who sees the brilliance in me.

Nine times out of 10, my magnificence is completely overlooked and I’ve languished intermittently for ages. It’s a testament to my work ethic and rudimentary skills that I’m still employed. I do nothing to curry favor in the corporate work place. I’ve seen many lesser types ascend far more rapidly and higher than I. They have perfected the social perfunctory business of mutual emotional and social masturbation that I simply don’t have the aptitude to accomplish on my own.

Until this offer from Dept. A+. Owing to certain maneuvers, it is obvious he appreciates and values my contributions. It’s quite startling to experience this reward system directly; it has escaped me many times, most times, in my life.

I was hired through Dept A. but it was made clear that Dept A+ would be my agenda/task manager and that despite the fact I was fulfilling the daily rigmarole of Dept A, it was Dept A+ that ultimately chartered my long-term mission. And if the occasion ever came that the interests of Dept A and Dept A+ conflicted, Dept A+ would step in and back me up, or at the very least, present a robust and hierarchical backbone to my own powerless ass.

All my power is by proxy. Very value-transference of me!

I mention this because I have a new A+ assignment and now that I’ve acclimated to my role, I have learned to exploit it for my own advantage.

More clearly, I realize that my A+ Officer, not wishing to play the bad cop or verbal designate of all that is shit, relies on me to tactfully, graciously, and powerfully convey needs (ie, orders), while strategically presenting them in as neutrally a mode as possible, in order to productively consign work outwards.

I am the minion.

A minion cannot be afraid to be strong and oppressive.

I’m cool with this lower-tier reign. If you bark back, I’ll sic my Officer A+ on you. It’s all about being the mico-tyrant.