A world in which gluttony is forgiven and fat shaming is not.

I’ve been enduring this story that has made the predictable rounds across the feel-good MSM and social media all week.

Enduring but not touching because I’ve stooped to that fat-shaming level over and over and I’m tired of it. It’s like fighting a tidal wave of adipose, an unstoppable fatso wave of egregious flesh that suffocates my good will. Over and over.

But again, this morning, I saw yet another fat-congratulatory piece on CNN and could resist no longer. This is not a fat-shaming post. I’m trying to look at the bigger, sincere picture.

Rachel Taylor, an obese woman from Louisiana (redundancy, if ever there was) overheard some girls making fun of a “plus-sized” shirt in an Old Navy store. Evidently, Taylor’s ability to withstand the harsh truth is inversely proportional to her love of food, for she immediately went to her car and started crying. After several minutes of this hysterical pity party, she picked up her blubbery chin and went back into the store and bought the shirt she had overheard the customers talking about. Of course, she “liked” it and bought it…nothing makes a statement like going out of your way in order to make said statement.

Mind you, they never addressed her directly. She overheard them. Does this walrus really believe people don’t make fat jokes all the time and that perhaps she is just fortunate to never have to hear them?

She later posted her drivel on Facebook, it went viral, there was a resounding chorus across the internetz praising her for being fat, and now she is validated. The usual song and dance.

And thus, her maximilist ways are emboldened. She will be fat, remain fat, for the American cultural deterrent is not strong enough. She is married and people humor her unhealthy lifestyle; why should she lead a healthy life. Most obese people siphon their esteem externally which is why they lack the self-pride to avoid 35 BMI’s to begin with.

Rachel Taylor and forgiving husband
Rachel Taylor and forgiving husband

I don’t pick on obese people who don’t call attention to themselves. There are millions of obese people who fight their battles quietly and there is no need to shame them publicly. It’s the fat attention whores, like Rachel Taylor, who seek validation, who seek that enabling public spectacle of “fat pride” who compel me to call them on their utter bullshit.

You’re fat: it’s unhealthy, it’s unattractive (in fact, it’s repulsive) and it’s repugnant. You will get no applause from me. Start by losing 10 pounds first…then I’ll have kind words.

Above all, I will own my fat shaming and be honest about it.

Attention SJW’s: Do you know why men fat shame?

Because we are less than perfect ourselves. We are short, ugly, socially awkward, pencil-necked, we dress funny (in some sad cases, all of the above), but a man who falls short of the mark receives absolutely no commiseration or validation in today’s feminized society. Thus, men find it difficult to swallow the fact that female gluttony and lack of discipline are rewarded while simultaneously, women are allowed to continually mock lesser men without social ramifications.

That’s all. It’s not rocket science; it’s the #2 platter.