Los Angeles County, a real melting stewing pot

Los Angeles County is a true melting pot, and its nexus, Los Angeles, is melting.

Is this supposed to be a source of strength or brittle fragmentation? I suppose if you’re a young urban type, a proud member of that hipsterensia, it’s a fantastic thing, but by the time you reach my age, the novelty of a “rainbow of races” turns stale and becomes a little tired and overwhelming.

New Census figures were released last month which show that Los Angeles County has the most Hispanics, Asians, American Indians/Alaskan Natives and Non-Hispanic Whites in the nation (numerically, that is).

Interestingly, our Black population seems small and stagnant which possibly explains the fact that Blacks in the Los Angeles area are relatively well-behaved, even docile, compared to what I see in the news back East and in the Midwest. I can’t believe those are the same Black people I encounter on the train and out in public here; they are nothing alike. Even the Blacks in Oakland seem rowdier.

I think something can truly be said of the strength and predictability of a homogeneous society. I think.

Not sure it can be much worse than this clusterfuck of races and colors we currently have in this city.

It doesn’t help that I generally do not like people, of any race. I am, in fact, a Mexican-American racist. I hate people of all races, including my own.