Two Vietnamese girls missing from LAX. A Hispanic rapist must be involved!


A couple of Vietnamese girls have gone missing from a tourist group. They were last seen at LAX about 3 hours ago.




Ly Camly Vuong and Linh Huyen Cao
Ly Camly Vuong and Linh Huyen Cao




Now that the scourge of illegal alien rapists is in the hysterical spotlight, that was my first suspicion.


Illegal alien rapists are all the rage now. Illegal alien rape, 24/7, all day, all night!



Police on Sunday evening asked for the public’s help in finding two missing teenage girls who vanished at Los Angeles International Airport after becoming separated from their tourist group.


Ly Camly Vuong, 13, and Linh Huyen Cao, 17, were visiting from Vietnam, according to Rob Pedregon, a spokesman for the Los Angeles World Airport Police Division.




How utterly convenient and propitious it would be if there was a description that even faintly surrounded early reports of this story concerning the two young girls (who are probably simply lost…but one can never be too careful with so many undocumented Latino rapists on the loose).


Ah. But according to reports, they were last seen talking to a Caucasian man.




The girls, who do not speak English, where last seen speaking with a Caucasian man in the baggage-claim area about 7:10 p.m., police said.




We can’t let this slip through the accusatory cracks, however. We must not become smug and let the border-jumping rapists out of our sight. The thing about Hispanic rapists is that some can pass as Caucasian. It’s the nature of the racial beast.


The Hispanic rapists are not out of the woods, yet!