This is diversity, bitch! (Se buscan)

An Arizona couple, Mike and Tina Careccia, have been missing since June 22.

Family members say Tina Careccia was on the way to work with her husband, Michael, early one Monday morning this month. But they never made it.

Now it’s been more than a week since the Arizona couple went missing, and investigators say they suspect foul play. Their dark gray 2008 Honda Accord was found abandoned, but still, family members say there’s no trace of them.

“Our priority is to locate this missing couple, yet we have evidence that suggests foul play,” Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said in a statement. “This is not just a search, but it is also criminal investigation into the couple’s disappearance. We shall continue our search and investigation simultaneously.”

Babeu didn’t provide additional details about what leads detectives to suspect criminal activity.

Well, if you watch too much television and movies, you’ll quickly assume the son is involved.

Who the hell knows, but one of the “missing” posters is entirely in Spanish.

This is Arizona, after all. Things go bump in the desert international border night.

I hope they are found, alive and well.

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