Flags, hashtags and mind control (some of my best friends are flags!).

In the early 90’s I took my first solo trip to San Francisco where I attended a housewarming party. I extended my stay a few days by driving into “the city” for a bit. Being the sheltered soul, I was somewhat baffled by the proliferation of rainbow-themed flags, banners and other items of display; it wasn’t until later that I realized I had landed in the midst of a weekend long gay festival of some sort. Ironically, the innate vibe of the city was that of a permanent hedonistic festival that spanned all hours of the day. All the rainbow crap I kept seeing was, I discovered for the first time, a chirpy gay symbol. Better to find this shit out now than never, right?

I’m so sick of this flag.

It offends my sensibilities, and I’m an atheist. Along with #blacklivesmatter, it symbolizes a cult of helplessness and perceived victimization. These are cultural place markers that attain an air of dogma while imposing an overriding sense of restraint and castigation upon the populace, while demanding, obliquely, a narrowly acceptable level of behavior that does not offend or question the Cult’s expectations that the feelings and sensitivities of the “oppressed” are to be guarded with all the resources at mannerly society’s disposal. In other words, #blacklivesmatter and this ridiculous flag epitomize mind-control and suffocating conformity; they are the anti-intellectual spawn of a culture that has lost ability to think critically and to value individualism over collective niceties.

Fuck this flag.

Since banning flags is now the soup du jour, apparently, can we get a movement afoot to rid ourselves of this blight as well?

gay flag

Which reminds me. I have the first part of a joke. Meaning, I don’t have a punch line yet, but the set up is there. It awaits a clever finish:

Q: What do you get when you cross a Confederate soldier and a homo?
A: ___?

A shameless ploy to display my second rate Photoshoppery.
A shameless ploy to display my second rate Photoshoppery.