The gore fiend has met his match :( ***Extreme NSFW warning***


It takes a lot to make me cringe. Perhaps I should not utter this with such diffident pride.


But really.


I’ve been part of the gore community for so long that I am sickeningly immured to all forms of human mayhem.


But this. This shit.


What is it about having to watch this poor woman continue to live when life can no longer promise her the quality of existence of even a lowly snail slug? What is it about her final struggle to grab a hold of this…mask, that was once her face? It’s putrid and I can’t stop watching.



And the pummeling of the car thief who caused this monstrous accident. There was little glee in this, knowing that feet away, some woman, who had a face just minutes previous, was now trying to piece it together despite the fact her sight was probably gone no matter how wild-eyed she appeared.


Fuck this shit.

She would still reject me.
She would still reject me.