The Stars and Bars make an appearance in the City of Angels and the hipstergentsia wigs out.

It’s amusing to see the urban hipstergentsia get its panties up in a bunch when its socially indignant sensibilities are offended.

And nowadays, nothing offends L.A.’s hipstergentsia quite as much as a marauding trio of White pedestrians sporting the Confederate flag on a hot Sunday afternoon. In this case, the bloggers at laist went so far as to call them “jerks” in light of the provocative attire after the past weekend’s events.

It is a bit strange seeing the Stars and Bars parade through the streets of this town.

stars and bars

Los Angeles is quite the “anti-Dixie” city in that its collective persona seems the antithesis to just about all the Southern Confederate mentality is.

These guys were obviously looking to get a rise from people (assuming it was not some deranged sense of performance art or dare) and it looks like they did just that.


Yet, I doubt most of these Instagram sages would think nothing at all of a group of men walking down the same street wearing the Mexican flag in the same fashion. A sight not incredibly rare in Los Angeles.

I must say, however, that these guys aren’t exactly tempting fate by walking through Chinatown and other hipster-adjacent neighborhoods.

Call me when they take their show down south of the Santa Monica freeway.