Before burning the Confederate flag, maybe some people need to set their matches on something else…

All this talk about burning the Confederate Flag, about banning it.

Who cares about a flag? It’s a piece of cloth and nothing but a symbol. I’ve never understood the hold flags have over the collective imagination and identity for so many people.

I thought it was stupid when Rick Monday saved the American flag from conflagration, and it’s equally stupid that so many special interests are fixated on ridding America of all vestiges of the Confederate flag.

Symbolism is only words, inferences, nothing you can hold or damage, hence, the root word: symbol.

The word denotes an idea, a principle, but it is nothing else.

The majority of the people crying about the Confederate flag need to worry about other things, such as reeling in their destructive youth and instilling a cohesive cultural and familial structure which will pave the way for peaceful assimilation and progress within the American context. But crying and whining about the antiquated symbolism of the Confederate flag is, in itself, a symbol of futility and cultural despair; one of throwing in the towel because the work involved in righting the racial ship is no match for the laziness which has instilled itself into your culture.

Maybe they need to start by burning something that is a symbol and a real, tangible tool of cultural suicide and ethnic mediocrity: the EBT card.

If Confederate flag crybabies are serious about overcoming their self-pitying, victimized American lot in life, I guarantee nothing will come of burning useless parcels of cloth, but everything good can come of burning that plasticized welfare teat.