Ellen “Chairman” Pao, overclocking the New American Nightmare

I finally put my finger on it.

It took Ellen Pao’s incremental vasectomizing of Reddit and her SJW announcement of the closure of 5 socially blasphemous subreddits that gave me the opportunity to verbalize it.


Ellen Pao is the Queen SJW; the grandest SJW of all, with the power and resources to put her well-intentioned malfeasance to work in nauseating fits of dictatorial benevolence. None of the rest of the vile SJW class that populates this land can hold a candle to her coolie hat in terms of influence over mass communication.

Reddit, like 4chan, represents the early waves of the outlaw internet. Of that short period of time before the commercialist, profit-driven interests laid their filthy paws on the digital frontier and embarked on polluting it with regulation and ordained inhibition. Reddit has lost the outlaw luster. It has been molded into the mass marketed mainstream outlet that it once mocked in fits of independent-minded, subversive defiance. Chairman Pao’s latest circumcision of Reddit’s rebelliousness is another nail in the coffin of the former outlaw internet.


Pao reminds me of how some enthusiasts “overlock” their computers in order to squeeze out abnormally elevated levels of processor performance from their computer (at the risk of frying it and wearing it out).

Reading Pao’s resume is a testament to cultural overclocking.

She is over-educated, over-accomplished, over-Americanized, over-married. Over-civilized.

Over-civilized is the problem, it is the juncture at which SJW’s and all other imbeciles of a socially sensitive nature, cross, and decide the gravity of their offended and overly-concerned meddlesome rude collective intervention outweighs the privilege of liberty and open expression.

SJW’s are over-civilized humanity; overclocked in their self-denoted social evolution and, thus anointed, are rewarded with the ability to suffocate exercise of expression and thought.

Ellen “Chairman” Pao is an overclocked American and here, it is our liberties that are in danger of overheating and frying.