Liberal tattooed lion food in South Africa

I was chatting with a co-worker. We were talking about lions, or more specifically, of their predilection for eating humans.

“I’ve always wanted to go on an African safari,” I quipped.

“If you do, you better be careful. Keep those windows rolled up,” she warned. I rolled my eyes. No shit. “That’s what happened. Her windows were down while she took photos.”

That changed it all. I hadn’t heard the latest until this moment.

Katherine Chappell had her car windows down before being killed by the lioness?

“The dumb bitch left her window down!” I exclaimed. “Well damn. I felt sorry for her earlier, but not anymore.” My co-worker laughed.

Who the fuck leaves a window open with wild lions lurking outside the car?

Oh wait.

I know who does stupid shit like that.

Civilized Western White people do stupid things like that. Raised and nurtured in this sterile, over-civilized American society, middle class and educated White people lose all sense of danger and self-preservation. The evolved instincts for survival wither away, batted into submission by post-graduate degrees, processed food, and nanny state umbrella-ship. Well-off White people in America are useless in the realm of physical awareness and survival. They have no healthy sense of danger since their daily existence has been tamped by gated communities and clever real estate-driven segregation of criminal classes.

Lion Park, the wild animal reserve near Johannesburg, South Africa, where the incident occurred, issued a statement:

“The tourist had a camera and, of her own accord, rolled down the passenger window in order to take photographs. A lion then attacked the tourist [Chappell] through the open window.”

I’ve written here before of the baffling clueless nature of First World people when they are called upon to anticipate the ferocity of a savage natural world that doesn’t care about Emmy Awards or the liberal sensibilities of sheltered urbanistas who want to rescue the world from itself.

A New York native who worked on “Game of Thrones” as a visual effects artist has been identified as the woman fatally mauled by a lioness while snapping photos from an open car window in a South African wildlife park.
Katherine Chappell, 29, who grew up in the Westchester town of Rye, was killed Monday when the beast lunged at her through the window.

Her sister described her as “brilliant, kind, adventurous and high-spirited.”
“Her energy and passion could not be contained by mere continents or oceans,” she wrote.
The adventurous young woman had chronicled her journey with Instagram posts from the Vancouver airport and the streets of Johannesburg, where she enjoyed a mojito cocktail in a Mason jar.
“Me likey joburg #mojitos #holiday #southafrica,” Chappell wrote.
She started a campaign on ­ in an attempt to raise $1,300 for a group dedicated to the conservation of animals in South Africa.
“I will be assisting rangers in tracking and monitoring animals, setting up camera traps, participating in poaching prevention techniques, providing support and assistance to veternarians [sic], and be involved in game capture and relocation,’’ Chappell wrote in the description of her fundraiser.

Yes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and mortal neck wounds wrought by those glorious creatures you get your pampered sensibilities up in a twist about.

Tattooed lion food.
Tattooed lion food.

What can possibly explain the pure idiocy of leaving car windows down while lions linger just feet away in order so you can be closer to unencumbered nature and get a better photo other than the sheer blind self-involved pomposity endemic to a Disneyfied American?