Mankind’s new societal blueprint seeks to estrange nature – the New Way.

I read this earlier and it pleased me.

It does please me for what it portends. In that respect, it horrifies me.

But it pleases me because slowly, the blinders are being removed from our collective vision, and I see more examples that, at last, we are finally allowing ourselves to glimpse the true revelation of our age.

We are changing. Human society and culture is exponentially bounding forward into this unrecognizable, nefarious morass of relativism and self-replicating idiosyncratic non-thought which is elementally driven by emotion and opinion and subjective flights of fancy. Shared, institutionalized solipsism rules the day.

The natural world is a realm of strict duality.

The essential building blocks and defining structures of our physical world don’t rise above the choices of “on/off.” Even when nature decides to spiral into a “little” more nuance than its simple blueprint of duality, it merely extrapolates the on/off mechanism into a self-reflecting series of events that are manipulated by their strategic repetition into birthing new conceptual forms that are merely extension of natural duality.

Man’s society and culture replicated natural duality for thousands of years. But in the past several centuries, his progress, intellectually and technologically, has distorted the duality he implied in his own social structures. Man’s society no longer emulates natural duality.

We are living in a fledgling new human empire that eschews Nature (but which paradoxically, we worship in a relativistic, emotive mode for its romanticized role in our existence).

It will be dirty business, indeed.