San Francisco vs. Los Angeles women

ROK writer, Seneca Stone, has posted an interesting examination of the reason San Francisco’s women are worse than Toronto’s.

In the article, he also contrasts SF women with New York women, and once again, finds the East Coast female to be superior in many respects.

As I read his list of 10 reasons SF women suck more, I was struck by the fact that all the reasons he cited also apply to Los Angeles women. At one point in his piece, another comparison of aesthetic urban similarities is made between NY and SF, but he says the similarities end with women.

Living in Los Angeles all my life, and spending a lot of time in San Francisco, I can say comfortably that Stone is spot on in his assessment. However, I would add that he has summed up Los Angeles women quite well.

Perhaps it’s a California coast phenomena, this flock of self-absorbed, robotic women. San Francisco’s stark homogeneity presents a great laboratory social experiment examining the modern urban creature, while Los Angeles’ stark heterogeneity requires that we peer a little closer and, if done, we can too note that cultural clusters of women in L.A. mimic, in perfect unison, those of the SF amorphous female blob.

Hollywood/entertainment women? Oh yeah, dead ringers for SF girls.