I live, so I want.

I’m fond of boasting that I don’t care what people think of me. I’m fond of pontificating that this is how I live my life.

I write about it all the time. I am such a defiant soul!

And it’s all true, to a point. But sometimes I think I might get a little ahead, or outside, of myself, when speaking thus. Of course, I’m less prone to letting the opinions of others dictate how I conduct myself and choose to lead this life. In other words, I’m relatively comfortable acting in symmetrical conjunction with the emotive demands of my psyche. I pride myself on resisting the urge to sell-out. I’m no tool and I smirk condescendingly at those who are.

I hate sycophants of all stripes.

But of course, I also realize that this path is not without its risks, and it’s these same risks that drive people away from individuality and toward that amorphous, collective cultural stew that promises the most riches, of the monetary and social variety. Who wants to give all promise of that up? For me to sit here and say I don’t care what others think about me might even straddle that precarious disingenuous divide.

I live, so I want. That’s my aphorism of the day.

Rather, I think sometimes we should boast it differently. Let’s boast that we don’t care what others don’t think of us!

This captures the truly disentangled spirit of my motivation. To not care what others think is too pithy, too involved. It represents too much of a conscious effort at unconsciousness. It is too self-aware, annoyingly self-conscious; let’s just say that we do not care what others do not think of us, for this disregard is truly The Way.