To Wi(n)t (Daron Dylon, that is), the Great American Race War amps up.

Every time I turn around now.

I have always prided myself on being a very open-minded person, racially. My parents, both Mexican, never fomented the racially charged atmosphere in our household where I grew up. Race was rarely mentioned. Not until I “grew up” and encountered reality on my own did that shit change.


Someone needs to reign these people in. They are devouring, soiling, the reputation of the other 98% of Black people who lead normal lives. (BTW, criminal investigators can sure speed that DNA analysis through when needed, can’t they?)

The Metropolitan Police Department has identified a suspect in last week’s quadruple homicide in Northwest D.C.

The bodies of four people were found in a Northwest D.C. home after a fire the Metropolitan Police Department is calling “very suspicious.”
Police say they are looking for 34-year-old Daron Dylon Wint in connection with the homicides, and police have issued an arrest warrant charging Wint with “murder one while armed.”

Wint is described as a black male, about 5-feet-7-inches tall and weighing about 155 pounds.

Doin' his people proud
Doin’ his people proud

I’ve always said there will never be a formal race war.
No sides, no delineated enemies.
But a steady, parasitic blight on society that, once we look back 50 years later, suddenly appears to us as what it was and has been: a race war.

And that moment is now. It started, 50 years ago. We are half a century into the Great American Race War.


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