The fury over Theron Max

I don’t spend much time on Facebook, but it would be a lie if I pretended to never visit it for all the right superficial counter-cultural reasons. People are fond of saying Facebook sucks, yet it seems they are all there.

What I will say is that Facebook does not eat up large chunks of my time. I rarely post on it and most of my Facebook time is spent lurking and reading the shit that proliferates across my wall on an ongoing, real-time procession of regurgitation. Because of this, I have very few FB friends, and many of those I do have are people I haven’t worked with or kept in touch with for years. Their lives are as disconnected from mine as are those of a total stranger. Yet, there they are. “Friends.”

One of my FB friends is a grating Yenta. She is the most horrific archetype of friend for someone like me. She adores lesbians, masculine women, and all things Liberal in an unceasing stream of hash-tagged invective. Sometimes I pay attention, mostly I don’t. So it was absolutely no surprise to me when she posted this on Friday night. In fact, I’m surprised she was not more loquacious in her celebration of all things Theron Max. It was typical hash-taggery and hollow proclamations of allegiance to some sense of off-screen SJW direction, but not much else. I figured that, having spent almost 2 hours in a theater and awash in her girl-powered emotions of strength and cosmetic toughness, she was too spent to write much more at 11:30 on a Friday night.

mad max

I’ve watched the dust-up in the wake of last week’s release of the new century’s V.2 of Mad Max in which Charlize Theron assumes the feminist mantle of post-apocalyptic macho girl to the dismay of the manosphere and the delight of the muff-diving penis-envy crowds. I support, in some sort of vague, displaced ferocity, Return of Kings’ call for a boycott of the film. I support a boycott as a symbol of the token vestigial remnant dissent that still pulses in this post-modern society.

The boycott, and all other protestations against the new female paradigm, are merely for show. We might as well boycott evolution and the unfurling of a vast human civilization’s materialization that we have no control over. Hollywood and the entertainment cockroaches who steer it are profit-driven tools who only echo culture’s momentum. Hollywood has no balls, no creativity, no defiant spirit. It leaches off the wont of the masses, and as such, only refines and restructures what the same culture demands in a more palatable, IMAX’d form of explosions and costumes. Ultimately, Hollywood is us and nothing more. ROK’s boycott is essentially a boycott of us and what we are today, which ironically, is…women. Tough women who can kick ass on screen. This is where women vicariously live out their feminist dreams of physical might that can never exist in real life. Once Charlize Theron leaves the set, I presume she must employee a small crew of male security guards, quite a belittling relinquishment for a woman who portrays such a sexless toughie on the big screen.

Theron Max

Much of the controversy and objection to Theron’s portrayal in the new Mad Max incarnation centers around the unlikely presentation of a female physically strong enough to command such submission in equally powerful men. I agree. This is a bunch of horse crap. The fictional Mad Max would not stand for such rule-by-feminocentric-sensitivies committee. In such an apocalyptic scenario, physical might rules and Rules of the Cave reign. Meaning, of course, that females, lacking the evolutionary design for warfare and heavy lifting, will be relegated to the cave where they are best left to bear children and stay out of the way of dangerous battle.

I don’t repost often, but in this case I feel it’s appropriate. In February I posted an essay titled, “When Marvel jumped the gender shark…” in which I touched upon some of the points that have been unearthed in the wake of the current Mad Max controversy. In that situation, I alluded to Marvel’s creation of all-female super-heroine team and its bucking of logic and science, even by Marvel standards, with the apparent goal to perpetuate a feminist agenda. I see nothing wrong with female superheroes, per se, but it’s when such evolutionary oddballs are designed by committee in order to sate the delusional palate of the public for socially liberal reasons that I believe they’ve “jumped the gender shark.”

The post:

OK, superhero comics are make-believe and far-fetched. We get it. Still, it’s easy to suspend disbelief for them because they generally parallel evolved societal roles and legacies without exaggerating convenient falsehoods or conjuring fantasy situations that can’t be explained by a simple dose of uniform projection of super-humanism across all swaths the population.

In other words, Marvel, DC, despite the fact they are bullshit stories that we innately know are outside the realm of reality, are still enjoyable because they are bound by logical and consistent archetypal human structures, as spoken for by eras of existing human evolution we can put our fingers on.

Until now.

A bizarre kind of SJW, feminist blend of unlikely female physical ascendance to rule the world has settled like a silt of bovine fecal powder across the creative and sensitized halls of Marvel’s emasculated brain trust because it was announced that this summer, the comic company will unleash a team of female Avengers…all female, and furthermore, one which will lord over our Mother Earth. And what better name than the “A-Force?”

a force

On the heels of a year that saw advances for female action heroes in comics, TV and film, Marvel Comics is ready to take it to the next level.

The company announced that this summer will see a brand new comic book team of Avengers — replacing all other teams and comprised entirely of women.

It’s a move reminiscent of the X-Men. Their name? The A-Force.

“She-Hulk, Dazzler, Medusa, Nico Minoru and other fan favorites will take charge,” series writer G. Willow Wilson said in a press release.

Rival DC Comics also announced new titles Friday, which included new looks for Black Canary and Starfire.

Marvel made big headlines last year when the title of Thor was transferred to a female character. Both these big announcements came along with much hoopla on ABC’s “The View.”

“A-Force” hits stores in May.

Now who told Marvel it could skew and corrupt the natural harmonies of nature in order to erect a socially conscious story line?

There is no way the world’s females, based purely on physical might, can command humanity. In Marvel’s touchy-feely world where they are as “super-human” as they are in the A-Force, that natural human ratio of might dictates that men, in this A-Force world, will concomitantly be that much stronger than women. But the asymmetrical Marvelian nature dystopia is obviously self-serving tripe meant to meet the strong-woman requirements to which all 21st Century mainstream mass media must numbly submit.

In our modern civilization, women have risen in the ranks due to emotional, verbal and social strength and intelligence because this is the sort of world that gauges might on such technologically-enabled artificial levels. If women decided to attempt some kind of global coup and take up arms, the males of the world would soundly quash such a silly notion.

Thor is, and was, a fantasy, a schoolboy’s diversionary, vicarious empowerment fantasy. But at least Thor was a man.

Apparently, Marvel itself has resorted to superhuman rationalizations because it has seen a way to accommodate such a ludicrous twist of reality in an equally ludicrous medium.

Marvel has seen fit to rewrite the dynamics of biology. There’s nothing like the siren lure of profit and the insidious influence of Disneyhood to pervert logic.