The first thing an ex-gang banging Jewish convert does upon impersonating a police officer…

Yup, it has to do with free.

He really has the Jewish thing down. Still, I can think of so many things else I’d try to wrangle from fake sirens and a fake task force membership than stupid pancakes.

Cops eat for free
Cops eat for free

A Brooklyn Supreme Court judge handed down the unkindest cut of all to a burly ex-gang member turned Hasidic Jew — a sentence and a shave.

Former Latin King Avroham Gross was sentenced Tuesday to 2 1/2 to 5 years in prison for impersonating a cop—but the situation got hairy when Justice Danny Chun refused to pass along the Satmar jew’s request for religious reasons to preclude prison staff from shearing off his beard when he’s transferred upstate.

“He should make that application immediately to be heard there,” Chun said as Gross stood by, wearing a grey sweatshirt and hanging prayer strings.

The police buff admitted he had used lights and sirens in his private car to pull over a New Jersey Transit bus, and had arrested a woman for breaking a window in Manhattan.

He admitted having an NYPD ring made up by a jeweler and glommed a discounted meal at an IHOP restaurant by falsely claiming he was a cop.