The death rattle of the United States; identity politics and affirmative action invade the Oval Office.

Frankly, I sorta dug NRA’s Wayne LaPierre’s sound byte from last week’s annual meeting of the gun rights organization. Speaking disparagingly of the havoc that Barack Obama’s Presidency has left on the United States, he warned of the possibility of a continuing assault on American liberties with an impending Hillary Clinton Presidency.

He told the crowd, “…I have to tell you eight years of one demographically-symbolic president is enough.”

This was exactly my thought when Billary announced her run.

What the hell is going on? Are we just knocking out all the affirmative action obligations in one fell swoop of perpetual special interest candidacies?

As to be expected, the Leftosphere reacted with a collective wringing of panties and righteous moral posturing.

Should the POTUS now, chronically, become a resounding statement of identity politics? If there is one office that should rise above the cacophony of liberal social niceties and cultural expediencies, shouldn’t it be the Presidency?

Unfortunately, those who would be President appear to now be judged by what ethnic or gender group they stem from before their ideological merit and political honor can be deduced, and even then, continue to be the predominant, if not sole, yardstick to hold the powerful office.

At the expense of all other matters of common sense and national self-preservation.