Do #NonBlackLivesMatter?

Has anyone posed this question? Or has it been posed in the context I am about to clarify?

There is a stark difference between taking the well-known “BlackLivesMatter” hashtag and adjusting it to “WhiteLivesMatter” for the sake of ironic contrast as opposed to changing it to “NonBlackLivesMatter.” This is a subtle twist on semantics which commands the listener to consider the full breadth of #BlackLivesMatter at the expense of all else. It infers that BlackLives are special and have risen above the herd of victimhood and thus, deserving of their own brand of dystopic worship.

In the matter of policing and its modern corporafascist tyranny, the hashtag should be #AmericanLivesMatter if we wish to value consistency and fairness above trite liberal social niceties.

Ten San Bernardino sheriff’s deputies were placed on paid administrative leave Friday following the beating of a pursuit suspect that
was captured on video.
The deputies can be seen in the helicopter video captured by KNBC surrounding 30-year-old
Francis Pusok, who fell from a horse he allegedly stole while trying to flee from authorities
Thursday afternoon.
They then could be seen on the video using a Taser on him before repeatedly kicking and hitting
“I assure you that I am disturbed by this video,” San Bernardino County Sheriff McMahon said
during an early afternoon news conference on Friday, adding that, “It appears to be excessive to
me based on what I saw in the video.”
He stated that the department had identified 10 deputies “involved in the use of force during the

Does this non-Black life matter?
Does this non-Black life matter?

In a society where local police flagrantly conspire with Federal thugs to subdue domestic citizens, overzealous reliance on self-absorbed ethnic crybabyism only detracts from the elemental issue, which is the usurpation of our civil liberties by the engorged national security mechanism which uses technology to turn its peering eyes inwards.

Americans are so busy making sure the dictum of BlackLivesMatter is fed a steady supply of socially palatable tripe, that one day we will wake up to find that BlackLives have been spared, but at the expense of #AmericanLiberty.