The dancing monkeys


One thing I hate about the PUA community is that it seems to inculcate in men the sense that they must be clownish entertainers. That they must be unbridled dancing monkeys placed on this earth to amuse and act like vaudeville dorks.


Wrapped in foolishness, men are encouraged to eschew gravitas and stoicism in favor of the behavior of little girls seeking affirmation through folly.


As long as men continue to feel they must put on the dancing monkey act, they will never earn, or receive, the respect they need, and hence, the vicious circle propels them on a self-destructive course where they have no choice but to live down to this level of bumbling, neutered, inept masculinity.


The ironic thing is, they act like this for the sake of women, the very creatures that secretly harbor disdain for such behavior (without articulating or facing the fact, many times).


If I didn’t know any better, or was more inclined to believe in grand conspiracies, I might suspect the PUA community is subterfuge, a hidden puppet controlled by misandrists and feminists with the express purpose of gutting manhood of the very essence of male strength.