Same old police shooting, but a new name: “microtyrannies.” Don’t be distracted by the default Racism hoopla.

So what’s going to happen is this. I will tell you now.

It’s so predictable, and this is why it’s frustrating to be able to foresee it.

Everyone will play their normal role. The uproar will be identical to all the previous uproars, and the platitudes and debates will echo everything that has come before. If we, as a society, as American people, would simply slough off all our learned notions and inherited tensions and precursor conflicts, if we could examine this incident freshly, we might actually entertain an honest, productive dialogue. But it won’t happen. We are not built this way. We are subjectively lazy and defer to our culturally normative arguments. We join the usual teams, and this will surely all happen again as the latest, greatest police shooting snakes its way into our collective psyche.

A white North Charleston [South Carolina] police officer was arrested on a murder charge after a video surfaced Tuesday of the lawman shooting eight times at a 50-year-old black man as he ran away.

Walter L. Scott, a Coast Guard veteran and father of four, died Saturday after Patrolman 1st Class Michael T. Slager, 33, shot him in the back.

Five of the eight bullets hit Scott, his family’s attorney said. Four of those struck his back. One hit an ear.

The video footage, which The Post and Courier obtained Tuesday from a source who asked to remain anonymous, shows the end of the confrontation between the two on Saturday after Scott ran from a traffic stop. It was the first piece of evidence contradicting an account Slager gave earlier this week through his attorney.

Officer Michael T. Slager will be painted as the big bad racist, hater of Blacks and all other victimized noble groups. The social outcry will resound across social media in unison, enabled by those with the loudest, most Liberal voices. These same people will harness the incident as all that is wrong with brutal White people and prop it up on our television and computer screens as something sadly indicative of the fractured racial divide in this country. The emotional uproar will drown out the facts and these emotions will trigger another collective national “debate” about race and how Blacks have it so bad. This national discussion will gain steam and perhaps give birth to new cultural meme’s and the debate will naturally elicit conservative types to argue that this is not indicative of any national racial trends while interspersing their counterarguments with all the bad that Blacks do and which typify their reputations, thus ensuring their inability to co-exist peacefully in this society, which is the primary reason they cannot blame Whitey for all that befalls them.

The frisson that will mushroom over this shooting will become so intense, so encompassing, that we will be left with a national wave of ire that rides upon the antagonistic issue of race, and somewhere, deep in the hidden bowels of this upheaval, will lurk the forgotten incident that started the whole thing.

This is one of the most blatantly incriminating videos documenting a very, very, very, questionable police shooting I’ve ever seen. In the United States, as absurd as it sounds, you do have the right to run away from cops without the expectation that you will be shot in the back…five times.

Anyone who reads anything on this blog knows that I am not a lover of the police, but conversely, I am fair to a fault and I give them the benefit of the doubt often. I believe that despite the fact police abuse is quite prevalent, it is frequently hidden or not witnessed, and that such behavior has rapidly grown in the past decade as police have assumed the role of “security force” for our corporacracy. Police officers, the younger breed, do not appear well-trained and virile, and this apparent weakness seems to be the source of their increasingly powerless responses to dangerous situations. I completely sided with Darren Wilson in Ferguson as the testimony made it clear to me that Michael Brown’s behavior evoked danger and immediate fear of attack. Michael Brown deserved what happened to him. Despite the rudimentary nature of that case, the social uproar it elicited was immense, and I expect that officer Slager’s shooting of Walter Scott in South Carolina will also elicit similar reactions while failing completely to confront the real issue.

The real issue is not racism, it is not even police abuse, per se. The issue is the tyranny of our oligarchical police state. This is a threat to all Americans, not just those with darker skin tones or those with no money. The threat is one that we all face if we find that we fall on the wrong side of the national elitist fence.

But once again, the popular, mindless discourse will take on the tone of race, and any racial discussion in this country rapidly defaults to one of emotions, verbal triggers, defensiveness, and ultimately, a chaotic distraction from the objective points in question. It is not racial relations at question. Those are fine, or better, certainly nothing to bog down American culture to fret about.

No, the problem is (to borrow another Liberal concept) the pervasive, multiplying microtyrannies that have slithered into our American landscape under the distracting red herrings of race and police abuse.