The dark logic of cynicism as a chick magnet.


I absolutely enjoyed this article Roosh posted on his blog today.


Entitled “Women In Their Prime Prefer Sex With Damaged Men,” Roosh takes the rather pessimistic view that modern Western culture has descended into such a state of dysfunction and decay that logic has taken a bizarre turn for the bleak; the new dark logic dictates that men must integrate a psychically damaged mind-frame and manifest the behaviors which typify such a dysfunctional character. Only in this manner will his mating peer, the modern woman, be compelled to surrender her convoluted sexuality given that, thanks to her equality and cultural power, she has little else to derive from male companionship other than raw, primal sex. The modern woman is not compelled to value traditional male traits of stoicism, stability, fairness, placidity and reasonableness. These archaic social traits that offered safety and security to a woman living in a world where her role was more closely aligned with her natural, submissive role, are at most, vestigial artifacts in a world where women have learned to survive on their own without the “help” of men.


Or, as Roosh summarized eloquently:


If you’ve been studying game, you would have noticed that a big chunk of it is learning to be apathetic, uncaring, and aloof. You’re taught not to put pussy on the pedestal, not to be overly affectionate and complimentary, and not to give clear signs that you like a girl more than she likes you. The reason you’re taught this is because it’s the most reliable way to attract and keep a Westernized woman who seeks exciting men instead of providers. Even a married man who got a woman to legally agree to be with him for life must remain ever so emotionally distant from his bride so that she doesn’t get bored and fuck a guy much hotter than him after only a 15 minute session on Tinder.


Essentially, Roosh is advising young men to mimic the dark triad traits of psychopathy, narcissism and manipulation, even if they are fortunate enough to have been raised in very healthy family environments which might have afforded a distinct advantage 50 years ago, but which now only serve to set young men up for bumbling anonymity and involuntary virginity.


In some respects, the dog-eat-dog character of human society is pronounced in the modern age due to the free and instantaneous exchange of opinions and feedback, corrupted further by its intrinsic anonymity.


Roosh’s essay should be read by all male teenagers. I would further add that if these young men find it difficult to absorb and allow that “damaged” mentality to flourish in their personality and paint their behavior, they should first start with the simplest baby step. It’s a step I have unknowingly used, and which allows me to manifest the posture of the doomed personality I’ve come to realize evokes such strong reactions in women. It is not my fantastic looks or body.


What is this step?


Learn to foster cynicism in your life.


Learn to expect nothing from others and learn that you will be disappointed if you allow your expectations from others to get too high. Live your cynicism, let it color, darken, your daily existence and come to enjoy the promise of mangled expectations.


Cynicism is the grandest gift which we can award ourselves. When cynicism is allowed to take root in your perspective, darkness and foreboding will follow. Your expression, your containment, will ooze of unscrupulousness and intolerant edginess. Yet, capitulation to cynicism does not disqualify ambition or drive; you can continue being the best man possible, but carefully honed cynicism will allow you to get a leg up over your competitors who still entertain grandiose senses of parental- and clergy-enabled distractions of optimism.


In cynicism there is power. Cynicism, internalized through practice and personal commitment, lifts your sinking heart. You do not expect validation; you do not seek inclusion, for you have taught yourself and assumed the poise of a master cynic.


Cynicism is a carefully crafted hack that enables you to wear the dark mask of personal destruction that appeals to today’s woman…the grandest cynic of all.