“Shady from the start” – the thieves who ran over the waitress were not Juan’s, they were Shyteice’s…

“Dine and dash” is hardly confined to any one ethnic group.

I’ve seen Hispanics, Whites, Blacks, and even Asians, do it.

In fact, the Asian example was amusing. It happened in the city of Alhambra, east of Los Angeles, a few years ago. I had just exited a bus and was walking along Main Street toward a bar. As I approached a Chinese-owned tea shop, 2 young Asian girls, no more than 20, ran out the front door and high-tailed it up the street into the shadows. They were way too fast for the skinny Chinese worker who ran out the door moments later, his apron flapping in the wind.

That said, I will allow that Blacks have represented the majority of the dine-and-dash incidents I’ve witnessed personally.

When this story of a dine-and-dash hit the local news on Monday, I was positive the suspects would be Hispanic since the incident, in which the dine-and-dashers ran over a waitress who followed them to the parking lot, took place at one of those particularly Mexican eateries with a name like “Mexico Lindo.” It’s one of those hole-in-the-wall joints all over the Los Angeles megapolis where everyone speaks Spanish: the waitresses, the cooks, the customers, even the television. The waitresses usually wear some hybridized Mexican outfit slightly retrofitted for American use but usually decked in the colors of the Mexican flag (red, white & green).

In this news video, the ballsy waitress, Maria Uriostegui, who took one for the team, alludes to the customers eliciting suspicion the moment they entered the restaurant (at the 00:46 mark). Or, to paraphrase her observation, they seemed “shady from the start.”

Now, I thought, how could she narrow it down so quickly? All us Mexicans look shady from the start! That is our ethnic heritage man…we are swarthy and shady. Can you be a little more specific?

When I first read of this, the suspects were not yet identified, but I expected them to be all named Jose Garcia and Carlos Morales. Something predictably ethnic.

Instead, the interloper dine-and-dashers were eventually named

Deputies subsequently arrested Rowshaid Pellum, 24, of Cerritos; Markeisha Williams, 18, of Long Beach; Shyteice Miles, 19, of Long Beach; and Santeea Ralph, 23, of Long Beach in connection with the assault.

Ah…that kind of shady…