Let’s protest and pillage against human nature…the self-centered politics of *ism*

Oppressed and victimized crybabies living out their aimless anarchy again. Branching out into the dangerous territory of shooting da policemenz.

This is the last paragraph from the Guardian’s news account of the double shooting in Ferguson. It regards the Fed’s hypocritical condemnation of the small city:

In their report last week, justice department officials concluded that police and court authorities targeted black people disproportionately and frequently violated their constitutional rights. They were accused of operating the criminal justice system as a generator of city revenues.

You know, why don’t we just all protest human nature?

Why don’t we take up arms against it? Human nature is innately foul, ruthless, opportunistic, corrupt and greedy. Let’s tear apart villages and cities (those we live in, of course, because nothing screams “childish” like cutting off the nose to spite the face) and do it in the name of reprehensible human nature. And better yet, let’s attach an “-ism” to the word as applied to our own personal sense of victimization and White people will roundly support our despicable behavior as the smart and socially aware thing to do.

It’s a win-win as long as we surrender all sense of self-respect.