Failure is always an option: denying the self-empowerment charlatans at the gate.

Don’t believe a word that the self-empowerment, Pollyanna robots spew. It’s all garbage. They are in it for the money, not to spawn excellence. The only excellence they care about is growing their blossoming bank accounts. They don’t give a crap about you, and that’s why I tell you. It’s garbage.

Failure is always an option. Always. It’s an unpleasant and ugly option, but, it is an option. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

In fact, I dare anyone to tell me, in all honesty, that they have never experienced failure.

Even the 3 (presumably) Chinese students from Arcadia High School who scored perfect SAT scores have experienced failure. Failure visits us in all forms and avenues, and though we may achieve stellar notes of worth in one aspect of our lives, another, or others, may crumble in mediocre disrepute.

Failure is a stepping stone and we must embrace it as surely as we must embrace death.

There is a mentality in our society that acceptance of the presence and inevitability of failure is synonymous with passively succumbing to the harsh realities of an omnipotent existence. It’s as if in the vainglory of the futile, belligerent fight to deny failure, there is some sense of triumph over the essential essence of life, which is: failure.

Failure is all around. As I analogized, failure and death both strike me a similar in that they are the expressions of our mortal toil which we seek to “conquer” with human affectations and rituals.

The problem I have with the Failure Is Not An Option ploy is that it seeks to motivate from a position of weakness and fantasy. Failure Is Not An Option is a Western delusion we integrate into our superficial, blindly-ambitious toolkit of aspirations…a simpleton hack that lulls us into a complacent, entitled fog of expectations.

The healthy manner, the manner which we decidedly are unable to summon thanks to the bountiful narcotic distractions of the “in search of excellence” gibberish that is fed us by greedy charlatans, is to accept failure as a facet of life which we must grow strong and resilient enough in order to barrel through as we make our way through the life-series of adventures that ultimately spell our fate and our existence.

Failure is an option, but turning a blind eye to failure is not.