Acid-laced video, acid-laced post, and Asian syllogisms

This music video AND song are the best motherfucking thing ever.

Like all great art, it leaves interpretations up for grabs.

My interpretation of the moment:

“The hunter becomes prey”

A metaphoric acid dream of Man’s ascendance and ultimate rule over society, and his consequent fall in the face of the ruptures of technology and modernism.


My favorite exchange of the day.

We were finishing up a snack.

“What is this?” Pulled detritus from her hair. “Oh my God, I think I had lice in my hair!”

“Lice?” I queried tremulously.

I took a closer look. A white, grainy strand of dry pulp.

“Rice!” she corrected me, ridiculously.

“Oh! I thought you said lice,” and many giggles ensued.

I didn’t miss much of a beat and continued. “Rice before lice. Is that what Asians say?”

“Oh, nice racist comment there,” she uttered.

Me: “I try.”