Sunday night cleaning assessment

Yikes, I have a knack for catchy titles, don’t I?

Does that sound dry or what?? This is one incredibly dry title, drier than an old…never mind. I just turned 45, age is no longer fair game.

Well that’s what this post is for chrissakes.

It’s Sunday night and I’m assessing the pathetic progress of stages 3 and 4 of my East L.A. Makeover.

Sunday nights are not conducive to great feats of creativity on my part. Sorry man, that’s just the way it is. We must be in tune with our limitations in order to avoid emotional asymmetry and cognitive dissonance…two states I believe have joined forces in order to wreck havoc on the psyche of modern man. One of the most injurious things you can allow your mind to do is to believe it can accomplish something you are not intellectually or emotionally prepared to handle.

And in my case, it is showing any signs of life on Sunday night.

I’ve got some exciting and fuckingfantastic blogs cued up in my drafts folder.

But not tonight. I’ll post them another time when I’m feeling it.  More than tonight.

It’s as if Sunday nights mark the beginning of a shutdown, a psychic shutdown, as my personality prepares to hunker down and enter the realm of Work Mode.

Not that I dread work. I don’t. Work doesn’t bother me. It’s not a matter of good or bad.

It’s a matter of different. The weekend is its own monster…it is not work. Different David. I must begin reassembly on Sunday evening, hence my emotional numbness.

A creative numbness.

So when one is experiencing creative numbness, what does he do?

Why he blogs about the pathetic state of affairs haunting the East L.A. Makeover!

The Kitchen.

Sorta coming along. My parents gave me a crock pot for my birthday last week after I broke the previous one in a catastrophic dish washing accident. Sunday night entertainment is thus:

So that is the newest addition to my kitchen. Yesterday I cleaned out a few more drawers. I started the kitchen near the end of October;  I feel I should have more than some clean cupboards and drawers to show for it. Oh, I do…I have a new crock pot!

And tonight I used it for the first time…I used most of the day to cook a succulent tri tip. It was small and ten hours was overkill…cooked the “succulent” right out of it.  Still, it tasted great, you can’t really screw up tri tip, but it could have been better, it could have been a tad more moist. Salt and pepper are wonderful but they couldn’t carry this one themselves. Next time.

The steamed veggies were awesome.  Carrots, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli and green beans, finishing off my vegetable supply before they get old. Fresh vegetables age about as well as Richard Simmons.

Brussels sprouts make me very happy when they are cooked well. I realize it is probably an oddity, this fact; can one use “Brussels sprouts” and “happy” in the same sentence without raising eyebrows? They are like cute little mini cabbage heads and I just wanna gobble them up!! If only they didn’t send my guts into wrenching spasms a few hours after eating them.

On that note.

I officially began the Living Room stage yesterday. I cleared off the table that has slowly disappeared below a pile of papers, envelopes, place mats, a watch, calculators, remote controls, a laptop, magazines, paper clips, Chinese relaxation balls, weight lifting logs, receipts. Lest you think I actually cleaned, you can be rest assured that I merely moved all the crap to another room (to be cleaned later). Beauty, ain’t she?

Oh oh, as you can see, I’ve used a small plastic Tupperware container to hold miscellaneous assorted items which would otherwise roll around and fall off the table on an hourly basis, and in certain dire circumstances, get sucked up my a wayward vacuum cleaner. Step one toward a semblance of organization in this room.

I realized today that I have way too many place mats. It’s confounding. How did I end up with over 7 or 10 place mats?? What the heck. Do I throw them away? Give them away, donate them, stack them for later use, do they have other uses I’m not aware of…they have been a real thorn in my side. These place mats. I wish I never would have had them at all.

Tomorrow is my 3×3 day, day 2 of my weekly weight routine. Front squats, standing military presses and rows. I’m still carrying around those 5 pounds I adopted over the Thanksgiving weekend. I ate just enough this weekend to maintain a slight caloric surplus, so I think that little 5 pound baby gets to stick around for another week!

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  1. Sagittarii???

    I hate to think where this world would be without crock pots and “Sagittarrii.”

    I guess there would be fewer annoying people and whole lot less of those damn “slow cooker recipe books”

  2. 1. Happy Birthday! It seems like a bunch of us are Sagittarii

    2. Crockpots are the most amazing invention…ever. Ever!!!

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