California Corruption: The Nuñez legacy.

I’m angry at myself for just now finding a wonderful LA Times examination of the 2008 murder of 22-year-old Luis Santos on the San Diego CSU campus at the hands of several college thugs, one of whom happened to be Esteban Nuñez, propitiously the son of California establishmentarian Democratic politician, Fabian Nuñez.

The article, published last December, recounts, in sordid, embarrassing detail, the corrupt depths to which career Hispanic politicians in California bring that apparently genetic brand of corruption to American politics behind the pretense racial inequality and the intrinsic obligation to offset its legacy with dishonesty and crookedness.

Fabian Nuñez’ story, in itself, is indeed motivational and striking, but like many Mexican-American politicians, it becomes tainted with the self-annointed wondrous narrative of over-compensated public bureaucrat.

Nuñez, rising from the Tijuana ghetto and becoming California’s Assembly Speaker by his early 40’s, typically continued his meteoric rise with a resounding plummet back to the reality of his mortal ethnic tendrils due to greed and blind familial psychopathic obligations.

And on a larger scale of corruption that spans across all the floors of the murky California Capitol, Christopher Goffard, the author of the expose, also draws in the political whoring of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Goffard details the culmination of the not-so-strange bedfellows (a Republican Governor and Democratic Speaker), at least here, into a critical mass of corruption and opportunism, and ultimately, a repugnant and cowardly song-and-dance act on the part of the Terminator Pussy Politician himself.

To explain beyond this is to trample on Goffard’s detailed work.

Read it, and you will get a glimpse into El Estado de California and all its innate, Third-World style corruption.

The crime for which Esteban Nuñez was convicted occurred in October, 2008.

In November, his father left office, the victim of term limits and a foiled attempt to overthrow those existing legislated political buzzkills. For once, California legislation spared us a fiend knocking at the door.

Knives, a death, a famous name


A trifecta of crooks.  Welcome to California.  Please visit again!
A trifecta of crooks. Welcome to California. Please visit again!