One of my most nihilistic posts ever (in which I scavenge an iota of hope).

Every once in a blue moon, I bestow my great wisdom on Facebook, and in the process, feel as if I’m shortchanging Social Extinction. It’s kinda like intellectual, cyber infidelity.

All my philosophy belongs here, not on Mark Z’s epic bulletin board, paying for his dates with that Asian chick.

When this happens, I usually “import” any decorous waste I leave over on the blue monster onto the gray charcoal backwash of this insignificant digital wasteland I call a blog.

Such as this from my FB ramblings tonight.


And the all-important disclaiming (of hostility, that is) smiley is a must because I need people to know it’s not personal. I’m very keen to reiterate the sense of neutrality I lace all my opinions with. I argue and discuss as a machine, not as an emotional human being.

I’m HAL 9000, bitches. I approach feuds from a position of logic, I meddle with disinterest. I am trapped from within folds of that massive scale of the Large, of that big-ass picture that can’t confound itself with details which, ultimately, are residue, crumbs, scattered about in the lumbering wake of the Big Picture.

I used to argue issues and personal politics, but then, it all fell into place in an instant.

Our speck of existence on this rock is so dubiously insignificant so as to render all our futile opinions infinitesimally pointless. Our collective existence, once and always, is but a pebble enmeshed in the bedrock of the pillars which sustain the grand march of human history and its larger-than-life momentum.

Man’s progress is a beast in itself.

We are the minute life forms racing around in circles with petty agendas that lack the integral might to even budge a grain of sand.

To perceive life as thus arranged is the ultimate blasphemy for it begs the triviality of moral participation and reciprocation. It is not enough to claim that the despair of the big picture smashes the soul; the despair of recognition of the big picture subsumes the soul, like a parasite, and makes it look at the infinite blackness that greets in the mirror.

Enjoy the ride and forget making a difference in the big scheme of things.

Save yourself and save your loved ones. This is your, and solely your, righteous goal.