Blogroll addition: Hot Chicks with Douchebags


You know, I would not call myself the hippest thing on 2 feet.


So the term used to describe a lot of guys I’ve seen roaming the streets and walkways of L.A. has escaped me…until recently, thanks to that vast wasteland of human knowledge and experience, the internet.


And this is how I discovered that the word I was looking for all this time was simple and sitting right under my nose: douchebag.


That is the most apt description I can think of.


It refers to those “peacock-y” guys who saunter around in their inflated sunglasses (with insecurities to match) and print-busy shirts and jeans even. Who the fuck ever thought of applying prints to jeans?? Jeans should have a label, at the most, maybe some individualistic stitching. But designs? How misplaced is that. My son has a pair of jeans like this…luckily they are a bit subdued and nothing else he wears is over-the-top, so I don’t feel the need to give him a 5-year-time out, just yet.


These guys can frequently be sighted with outlandish hairstyles propped up and enhanced by a normal man’s 2-week dose of hair product.


So…when I first discovered Hot Chicks with Douchebags I was freakin’ train-wreck captivated.


The site is a photo-heavy pantheon, a temple, dedicated to narrating and illustrating the state of modern-day douchehood! It’s a fabulous and cautionary lesson for other young guys who are contemplating a journey down the aisle of hair paste and supersized belt buckles…or God forbid, trucker caps, faux hawks and a Pelican Bay level of tatooism.


Granted, there are times a couple may be singled out for douchehood that I feel may not be entirely deserving of the label, such as this




although, quite frankly, douchehood is not only dress, it’s style as well. And though these 2 may not scream douchehood by their attire (it’s hard to dress douchey when you’re at the pool) their actions speak it loudly. That pseudo-gangster warrior pose with the Billy Idol surly lips…umm, disregard, these two are major Douches. Major.


And of course, there are times Doucheness is unmistakable and easily spotted:




Awesome stuff. I need to get my digital camera ready and contribute my own sightings. And there are many.