Blood in the snow…video of Gernot Reinstadler’s fatal 1991 accident surfaces.

As a fine connoisseur of death videos, I’m a tad surprised I’ve never seen this one before.

It’s amazing how much death is out there if you just look. Actually, you don’t even have to look cause that fucking Grim Reaper will come looking for you if you pretend to be patient enough.

This video apparently went off the grid for a while. It occurs in the year 1991 in Austria during a practice run at the Lauberhorn course. The 21-year-old skier, Gernot Reinstadler, was entering the final “stretch” of the downhill run when, at 100mph, he lost control during the tricky and inhumane “S” twist of the course’s conclusion.

He appeared to lose control as he launched off a final hill and was propelled into the safety net lining the course’s edges. The tip of a ski caught a net hole, and at the speeds he was travelling, his momentum’s ferocity ripped his stomach open and tore his legs from his pelvis. The accident itself was not nearly as fascinating as the moments following the collision when his flailing body tumbled down the hill as the injured skier essentially left a river of blood in his snowy wake.

Watching this video, one realizes the delicacy of the human body when subjected to 100mph forces. The body rips at the seams at such a velocity; all your tissues, tendons, cartilage, muscle fibers, are rendered useless as tissue paper at such speeds.

Your body is dissembled like a rag doll.

The moment between the accident and your slow drift into unconsciousness and death is lucid enough that your mind, still functioning and uninjured, attempts to re-calibrate your mortal physical damage, a message of trauma that does not reach your brain immediately as it attempts to process the bodily destruction. At one point, Reinstadler attempted to sit up after coming to a rest, and he appeared to see this shitload of blood and god knows what else spilling from his ruptured torso and immediately collapsed on his back before losing consciousness. He lost 3/5 of his bodily allotment of blood by the time he reached the hospital.

No doubt, world class skiers are in excellent shape, but I’m not sure gymnastic-caliber splits are not part of their repertoire.