Maybe it’s just that….

I wonder if your girlfriend/boyfriend/whatever-the-fuck-it-is necessarily must like you more than anyone.

Obviously, it’s implied that they love you.

The Love is a given and this person would theoretically sacrifice, at the very least, their life for you. They would do anything for you. They love you…but is this the same as “like?”

Love is a pure, unabashed connection, it transcends superficial human impulses and it’s a much graver, cutting emotion. Love is a serious connection that does not necessarily connote “like.” Of course, generally, if you love someone, you like them too, but the horrible thing is, it’s possible to like others more than the one you love.

This is the difficult thing for a lot of people in relationships to accept. Your partner likes you, loves you, considers you on a lofty level that no one else can approach, yet, in the trivial little footsteps of daily interpersonal relationships, all their “like” may be saved for others.

Love is what comforts, it is the succor that establishes faith and trust, but “like” is a petty human foible that can be reserved cheaply for anyone who ambles along. In other words, this horrid, slippery slope leads to that hypothetical putrid condition in which the one who loves you might very well, and probably does, like other people more than you.

Those people offer a light-hearted, unsaddled sense of freedom and emotional anarchy that a Love relationship, by its intense nature, cannot subsist on.

A love relationship is a grueling journey that typically advises our emotional and physical investment. But with such rewards come the corresponding burdens of devotion and spiritual hardship…the antithesis to merely “liking” someone.

Perhaps if we confront and understand that being liked is the polar opposite of being loved for all its intentions and quagmires, we might not seek to add that unrealistic dimension to our relationships.

Or maybe I’m just thinking like a loser.