Yeah…I won’t be watching them tonight.

Vent on.

At the risk of sounding like a bitter, antagonistic curmudgeon (which I sorta am), I would like to say fuck the Grammy’s.


Not to paint the music industry with an overly broad brush, especially of the pop, mass media commercial variety, but who needs to watch an award show for these people?

As if they need another reason to stew in their own egotistical juices.

Some of them are the most vile, ignorant, impulsive, unrestrained, stupid, trashy, unprincipled, greedy twits, and nevertheless, we honor them our misplaced societal idolization. Oh, and also, what makes these music industry scoundrels really intolerable is that they are filthy rich and persist in using their public podiums to blow streams of hot aired blather and inanities up the public’s equally ignorant asses.

Vent off.